Need blood?

The Next Gen Blood Information Portal

Welcome to World Blood Organization, The Blood Information portal designed with the intention to become the one largest search engine for all the blood needy. Here we have updated information of voluntary blood donors and blood banks. We are Next Gen because we are using every possible resource to become the most used and the largest database for blood. Our mission is to avoid deaths due to blood loss.


We understand that you always wish to hide your number for strangers and we respect your privacy. It's all in your control whether or not to publicly display your number.

We have the option to notify you with an SMS alert when there is a need for your blood so your number can always be private but you could donate blood at your interest.


Each and every donor is provided with a profile system to update their recent donations and also update their contact information. Using this we could be able to maintain the data with highest possible accuracy.


We are feature packed to save every second of the needy. Which is why we have incorporated an SMS system where you could send a group SMS to all the donors available in a locality and only the interested donors get back to the needy.

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