World Blood Organization is a project of D4Devs IT Solutions Private Limited developed with a sole intention of serving the society.

Considering Statistics

In India, there is a shortage of 3 million blood units annually. According to a survey in 2012 by World Health Organization(WHO), India annually collects 9 million blood units where the requirement is 12 million units. Which implies there is a deficiency of 8220 blood units per day.

According to University Grants Commission of India, 20 million students enrolled for Under Graduation in India for the academic year 2012-13. Of the 20 million, considering a worst case of 9 million donors being under graduation students, we are left with 11 million students and if we could motivate a quarter of them for donating blood there would be no deaths caused due to unavailability of blood.

Our project was solely developed with the idea of motivating under graduates and educated citizens of India to donate blood.

As we all know that under graduates have knowledge of Internet and we are already in the world of web development since 2013, We created this portal to provide encouragement to donors, accurate information to the blood needy and privacy to blood donors.

We believe in the famous Telugu proverb "ఇoట గెలిచి రచ్చ గెలవాలి" which means we should be successful at home and then be successful in the society. Which is why we have planned our expansion accordingly.

Our road map to tackle deaths caused due to blood unit deficiency.
Guntur < Andhra Pradesh < India < World

We alone couldn't accomplish this mission. We need you. As either a volunteer or a donor. Join us if you are interested in seeing a world without deaths caused due to blood unit deficiency.

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