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According to the statistics of Central ministry of health, India it is noted in the survey that India require nearly 4.2 Cr units of blood per annum. But only 45lakh units of blood is available for the required amount where this is insufficient. Generally one person blood can save up to 3 lives. So, Through World Blood Organization one gets a chance to make a blood donation at any instance 24 X 7 for any patient who required blood.


Red blood cells are used to replace blood.

  1. In India for every 3 seconds one need blood.
  2. There are nearly 40K blood donations needed every day.
  3. Nearly One million people with cancer require blood for their Chemotherapy treatment.
  4. An accident victim requires nearly 150 units of blood.
  5. Three out of every 10 enter into hospital require blood.

Dear Donors, The blood cannot be manufactured so it should be done voluntarily

  1. Having an enthusiastic, responsible interest to help others
  2. Remember that “Any task on this earth is not that much risk that your mother took to made you born” So, no scope for fear to needles
  3. One can save 550 lives in their life time if they do it from 18-60
  4. O-ve and B –ve blood group holder should feel much responsible because it is very useful in large amounts for emergency and cancer cases mostly.
What you Get?

Along with the tons of satisfaction you get by saving lives. You will also be issued with a certificate for your service as a token of appreciation.

1.Will I get weak if I donate blood?

A: Actually blood donation is where it makes to lose some units blood from your body so as and when you donate blood you feel little uncomfortable and you can have juices like grape, beetroot and some food which makes you blood to restore.

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